Mount SInai and St. Catherine
MountSinai (Moses Mountain) rises 2285m
and is said to be where God revealed the Ten Commandments to Moses. Mt Sinai is considered sacred by the Christian Jewish and Muslim religions. St. Catherine’s Monastery is the smallest dioceses and the oldest Christian monastery still in use in the world. It also houses a rich collection of icons and precious manuscripts.

With the exception of Fridays and Sundays, the monastery can be visited daily between 09:00 and noon. This excursion is offered either as a day or a night trip
Saint Catherine Monastery

Sunrise Trip (Night)
We leave Dahab at 11:00 pm, ascend Mount Sinai, (about 1.5-3 hours) and watch the breathtaking sunrise from the summit.
On the descent we pay our visit to the monastery.

Sunset Trip (Day)
The daytime excursion departs at 8:00 am, includes visiting the monastery, ascending the mountain, enjoying
the spectacular view, watching the sunset and descending via the serpentine path. Transfer back to Dahab.

The Canyons

The canyons are a unique natural spectacle in the middle of the Sinai desert. You will find snakey narrow canyons with impressive multi-color sediments.

We go to 3 very beautiful places in one trip. Usually we spend the whole day over there leaving at 8 am and getting back at 6 pm.
You will see the beautiful colored and white Canyons, and the Oasis of Ein Khudra.

The Coloured Canyon

The Coloured Canyon presents one of the most magnificent rock formations in the world. The vegetation is very limited - lonely acacias, green capparis (capparis sinaica), tamarisk trees, willow trees, sodom apples (which are poisonous) and desert pumpkin. Now, the rock formations are an incomparable attraction: they vary from sandstone to limestone, granite and veins of basalt dominate the scenery through the entire hike
The Coloured Canyon

With the Jeep you arrive on a plateau with very good sight to the mountains and the canyon right to your feet. When you start descending, you'll notice that many of the rocks are covered in a chalk-like powder - caused by being worn down by tourists. After about 20 minutes, it feels like walking through a dry riverbed. It is a must, besides watching your feet, to look around and above you (at some points, the walls reach some 20 stories in height) to realize that it is a geological wonderland. At some places, the rocks radiate crystalline colors, at others, they have a smooth velvety appearance. As the trip continues, the river gets smaller and smaller, and the walls plain from strong water-pressure in wintertime.

Except for one or two obstacles, it's fairly an easy hike. For example, at one point, one has to slide down through a vent, where the two sides of the Canyon almost touch each other and where maybe thousands of years ago, a fallen boulder had blocked the way, leaving a narrow opening underneath. On the other side of this obstacle, the Canyon floor gradually starts to rise again. A few minutes later, another obstacle appears where the best way to handle is to swing yourself around a huge rock to slide two meters down, or simply to jump over it.

Ein Khudra

Tucked away between yellowish sandstone cliffs not far from the road linking St Katherine with Nuweiba and Dahab is one of Sinai's most scenic oases. Its Arabic name Ein Khudra (Green Oasis) perfectly describes this attractive locale where gushing fresh water springs nourish date palm gardens in the seemingly barren desert.
You will have a wonderful fresh cooked barbecue in the shades of palmtrees, resting for about one hour.

The Mushroom Rock

Mushroom Stone
On our way to En Khoudra Oasis we pass by a big ancient coral-stone in form of a mushroom - its a special resting place for bedouins.

The White Canyon

The white canyon is a bit smaller than the coloured canyon, and made off sandstone and limestone - thats where the brilliant white colour comes from. Our advise is to wear sunglasses to avoid damage to your eyes, because the light reflected in a very strong way.
On the entrance of the canyon you see a lot of hand-imprints from bedouin couples - based on an old fairy tale.
You descend the canyon with a ladder to a plateau and go back by jeep.

Ras Mohammed

Ras Mohammed was officially opened as Egypts first national park in 1983. The peninsula is situated at the most southerly point of Sinai and extends for around 8 km into the Red Sea.
This remarkable region is made of fossilized reefs, the highest point being Shark Observatory from where you receive a fantastic view of the reefs below. As well as offering fantastic opportunities for diving and snorkeling, Ras Mohammed is home to 80 plant species, 14 types of mammal and an essential staging post for 100’s of bird species. There is even a mangrove forest which is almost unique in Sinai (mangroves are also found at Nabq). Ras Mohammed is an important area for research by environmentalists and marine biologists who provide education on how to help preserve this unique region. A well equipped visitor’s center shows educational films and slideshows about the park. Entrance fee is $5.
ras mohammed

Nabq National Park

Nabq is situated on the coast between Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh. This 600 km2 desert area was declared a conversation area in 1992. Here you can find a 4 km long mangrove forest. Mangroves belong to the amphibic vegetation and grow in flat, sandy areas along tropical coasts. So-called stalk roots are tightly interwoven both in and above the water. The roots are able to filter the saline water and salt is excreted via the leaves of the trees. Nabq is the natural habitat for a large variety of plant species as well as various animals like Starks, herons, desert foxes, gazelles and hyenas. Underwater around Nabq you can even find populations of the extremely rare Manatee also called “Sea Cows” or "Dugongs". Open daily from morning to sunset. Entrance fee is 5$.
Nabq National Park

Ras Abu Gallum

A short Jeep trip takes us to the Blue Hole where we mount our camels for a trek along the spectacular coast of around one and a half hours.
Ras Abu Gallum has been a protected area since 1993. Not only are the fauna and flora protected here, but also the habitat of the Bedouin, who here still live a life relatively free from influence of tourism. We eat fish, freshly caught and prepared by Bedouins, (Bedouins have the right to fish in this protected area, to all others fishing is prohibited) we enjoy the beach and snorkel over the coral reefs.

We return by camel to the Blue Hole where we can refresh ourselves with a swim or snorkel before the jeep ride home.

Nabq National Park

The bedouin Dinner

We go with the jeep to a romantic place in the mountains. We enjoy barbacue with chicken or fish on open fire, drink bedouin tea and experience the natural life of the Bedouins.

Dinner and tea included, additional beer and Hifi-music available

Bedouin Dinner

Discover the splendour of the Sinai by means of various trekking routes. You camp in the desert, sleep under a million stars, and all meals are prepared bedouin-style over an open fire. Experience the extraordinary desert landscapes: mountains, oasis and gorges.
Visit places of cultural and historical importance. Trips vary from a couple of days up to two weeks. Below are some of our regular routes, but we can also compile a trip to suit your own requirements.

camel safari at deser

Note :
The camel Safari trips are varies depends on the location and the time you will decide to spend in he desert to experience Sinai Deser's lifeso please contact the reception for more details

Quad Bike

What about your quad-bike parked on a beach of the ravishing Red Sea – how can you possibly compare the two?! The great difference is that the quad bike and the places that you will be able to visit with us are worth far more than that Porche.

We jump onto our quads and off we head to Valley Gonai for an afternoon jam-packed with snake trails, minor dry-river water hazards and the most spectacular chilled drive whilst we hug the coast of the Red Sea. You can take yourself and your loved or take the whole family and friends on an afternoon of sun, fun and laugh after laugh after laugh after laugh
Quad Bike

Horse Riding

Enjoy the beauty of Sinai on horseback. Whether you are an experienced rider or new to this pastime Penguin Village has a horse to suit all abilities, along with enthusiastic guides.
You can ride from one to five hours and if you are really keen can spend the night in the desert with the horses. A one or two hour ride takes you down the beach and then into a Wadi. On longer rides you will go away from the sea and into the desert.
We specialise in small groups and can organize trips into the desert – maximum of 4 nights – these rides need to be booked at least 2 months in advance.

Horse Riding




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